Get To Know Parkway

Who We Are

A Baptist Church with moderate theology that is big enough to offer a wide variety of Bible study programs and opportunities for fellowship, yet small enough to offer a traditional hometown feel

An accepting and welcoming family that learns and grows together

A community of committed learners who take  a thoughtful approach to Bible study

What We Offer

A variety of programs and opportunities for Bible study, discussion and fellowship

Sunday Bible study groups for everyone: couples at various stages of life, women’s only class, toddlers, children and teens, young adults, those with English as a second language, with a variety of study styles

Wednesday night fellowship, Bible study, and prayer

Separate Women’s and Men’s Bible studies during the week

Choral and Instrumental Ensembles: Sanctuary choir, Instrumental ensemble composed of available instrumentalists, Children’s choir

A classic worship service in the Baptist tradition– with music led by our choir and instrumental ensemble.

Opportunities for fellowship– trivia nights, tubing/rafting outings, a very competitive chili cook-off, dessert bake-off and more

A program of personal care led by staff and deacons to ensure that members stay involved and have needs for prayer and encouragement met

What We Believe

That we should love the Lord with all our being, and love all God’s people unconditionally and without judgment.

That we grow in our relationship with God through the study of the Bible, prayer, service to others and fellowship with one another.

The Bible is inspired by God and should serve as the guide in our daily lives.

Prayer is our direct communication with God, from which we garner wisdom and strength.

God expects us to use our time, talents and resources to serve him.

That everyone should be able to participate in the life and governance of the church without regard to gender, race, or marital status.

That it is through faith in Christ as one’s Savior that one comes into a relationship with God.

That Christian faith requires a personal commitment to Christ as Lord of one’s life.  Baptism is the outward expression of that inner commitment.

That the Baptist tenets of personal access to God without an intermediary, the Bible as our guide to faith and practice, the autonomy of the local congregation, and the separation of church and state should guide our governance and practice.