The Healing of Easter

March 22, 2024

“Blessed is the king who comes in the name of the Lord!”
“Peace in heaven and glory in the highest!”

Luke 19:38

Dear Church Family,
Our journey to the cross this year has been one of focusing on healing and restoration through
the miracle stories we find in the gospel of Matthew. Each time someone encountered Jesus with
an expression of faith, they found themselves experiencing complete healing and restoration.
That means recognizing that there is a need for healing and restoration. We too acknowledge that
we are in pain and broken. We do have hurts and we are in need of healing and restoration. This
need for healing and restoration is needed beyond an individual level but also at a family,
community and global level. We all need healing.

We are in need of healing as there is such a value and fragility in life. Our brokenness affects us
and those around us. Just this week we see that we have witnessed such a deep need for healing
and restoration in our community. On Wednesday evening this week the state of Georgia
executed Willie James Pye at the state prison near Jackson. We mourn the loss of life and the
tragedy that led to his incarceration. I encourage you to pray for his family and those affected by
his death. As we prepare to enter into Holy Week, we acknowledge the tragedy and pain
associated with the loss of life. It helps us to put the resurrection of Christ into perspective and to
receive it as a gift.

This week, I hope you will continue with us on our Lenten journey to the cross. We have several
ways to engage in worship and fellowship throughout Holy Week and I want to personally invite
and encourage you to be present. We are the body of Christ together. Each person that God has
called to be a part of this fellowship has a vital role to play. We cannot be the church that God
has called us to be without each other.

Sunday, March 24, Palm Sunday Worship, 11:00am, With special music ensemble

Friday, March 29, Good Friday Service, 6:30pm, With communion

Saturday, March 30, Easter Egg Hunt, 11:00am

Sunday, March 31, Easter Worship, 11:00am

Join us for Holy Week and Easter as we come together to offer thanks and praise to our Lord!
You are loved, you are cherished, you are a child of God.
See you Sunday,

Pastor Caroline