Surrendering to God

March 29, 2024

“Into your hands I commit my spirit;
Deliver me, Lord, my faithful God.”

~Luke 23:46

Dear Church Family,

On Sunday afternoon I was sitting and listening to the singing during the hospice memorial
service on while thinking through the coming Holy Week and Good Friday in particular. It’s a
challenging day. It is so easy to jump ahead to Easter and all the celebration that comes with it.
But I encourage you today to spend time at the foot of the cross. We can’t stand before an empty
tomb if we don’t first kneel before the cross.

On the cross we have such a clear and vivid picture of Jesus’ humanity and the struggle between
his humanity and his divinity. Even before the cross he asks that the Father might take “this
cup”. On the cross he thirsts, he has compassion for his earthly mother, he cries out in the agony
of being forsaken.

We all struggle with the difficulties of our humanity. We struggle with surrendering all that we
have and all that we are to God. We fight for control of our lives and even after surrendering, we
take back what we have surrendered. We surrender our time, our talents, our money, our
vocation, our bodies. We fight for control. But the last thing we have to surrender, will be our

On the cross, while suffering immense agony, Jesus surrenders even his spirit. It is the last thing
he has to give, and he chooses to give it God. He surrenders …all.

It is the prayer of the Psalmist:
“Into your hands I commit my spirit;
deliver me, Lord, my faithful God.”

This prayer of the Psalmist became the prayer of the Son to the Father in the final seconds of life.
May you have the honor of offering that prayer of surrender to the God who made you and
redeemed you. May you have the strength in Christ to surrender your spirit.

I invite you to join us this evening as we spend time at the cross and surrender.

Peace to you,
Pastor Caroline