Senior Pastor, Full Time


The leader of the pastoral ministries of the church, the senior pastor is expected to work closely with the deacons, Church Council, and congregation to encourage spiritual growth, offer pastoral care to members and others in our community, and equip members to be lay ministers. The senior pastor also supervises the church staff.
The ideal candidate will be an experienced spiritual leader able to inspire laypersons to action while nurturing the faith formation of the church family. The senior pastor will be expected to provide genuine and sincere pastoral care; present engaging, thought provoking, and effective sermons; and possess expertise in biblical scholarship.
Gifted with a warm and outgoing personality, the senior pastor is expected to demonstrate a commitment to God’s mission of reconciliation in the world, including global ministries of economic and social justice, with a heart for compassionate service and developing relationships with all of God’s children.

1. Serve as the chief administrator of the church with responsibility for the daily management of the church, including management of the church staff, programs and finances, and ensuring the objectives of the church are met.
2. Serve as an ex officio member of the Church Council.
3. Plan services of worship. May delegate portions of or entire services to members of the ministerial staff. This includes Wednesday and Sunday services; special services for baptism, Communion, baby dedications, Advent and Christmas, Lent, Passion Week and Easter, and other holidays and special days on the liturgical calendar.
4. Serve as the primary teacher of the congregation.
● The teaching ministry could be expressed in any (or all) of the following areas: Sunday School classes, Bible study, the pulpit, leadership training, small discipleship groups, or one-on-one opportunities.
● The teaching ministry specifically includes Wednesday and Sunday services, and supporting other educational ministries of the church, and the ability to deliver engaging, thought provoking and effective sermons.
● The chief objective of the teaching ministry is to develop and strengthen lay leadership within the church and its ministry partners.
5. Provide genuine and sincere support in meeting the pastoral care requirements of the church. Such support shall include care and concern for individual members expressed through pastoral visitation, in crises care, counseling, and other ways as needed.
6. Be the visionary leader for the congregation, accountable for guiding the church through the enhancement and execution of short- and long-term vision and roadmap exercises, including how our congregation can be a part of addressing challenges and opportunities within the local community and internationally through engagement with local and global missions and other means.
7. Develop, evangelize and gain cross-congregational support for the multi-year vision and roadmap.8. Facilitate communication among staff, committees, and the congregation, including updates in the weekly and monthly newsletters and other forums as needed.
9. Represent Parkway in the community with other community and faith-based organizations and leaders.
10. Represent Parkway within CBF and at local seminaries including McAfee (Mercer) and Candler (Emory).
11. Foster and actively participate in fellowship events to enable connection with and among all segments of the congregation.
12. Become an active member of Parkway Baptist Church.
13. Serve as an advisor to the staff and to all members and boards of the church.
14. Identify members of the staff and congregation to be resource persons for committees, specific assignments and/or consultation.
15. Responsible for the leading, organizing, planning and directing of church ministries to assure fulfillment of the church’s programs. May delegate some of the functions to ministerial staff and congregational members to assist.
16. Provide services as requested for weddings and funerals.
17. Continually pursue opportunities to grow theological, biblical and spiritual skills and remain in touch with local, national, and international issues.

● Experienced spiritual leader with 5 or more years of experience of successful pastor tenure.
● Expertise in biblical and theological matters derived in part by completing a Master of Divinity, equivalent, or
higher from a recognized and accredited theological seminary.
● Warm, outgoing and approachable personality, with a professional demeanor.
● Strong communication skills – oral, written and listening, including the ability to communicate faith and
beliefs through inspirational speaking based on scripture.
● Able administrator with well-developed organizational, motivational and facilitation skills.
● Able to work in a self-guided manner and as a member of a team.
● Open to new ideas regarding outreach, church growth, attracting new members and other aspects of church life.

Resumes can be submitted to: