Pastor’s Friday Comments (12.13.19)

Dr. Steven Porter will be leading a joint Sunday School session this Sunday. It’s a big deal and you should come, even if getting up for Sunday School isn’t part of your regular routine. We’ll even serve you breakfast to sweeten the deal (literally).

Dr. Porter is Global Missions Coordinator for the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship. He supervises all CBF field personnel and is responsible for setting the overall vision for our mission efforts in the United States and around the world. Before coming to his current position, he was director of Touching Miami with Love, one of CBF’s flagship urban ministries.

During our joint Sunday School session he will be leading us in a fun engagement with Ephesians 2 around the theme of the Global Church, which is one of CBF’s mission distinctives. He will also make a brief presentation during worship updating us on CBF missions. This is all part of our annual Global Missions emphasis.

You need to know more about the global church. When you consider the areas where Christianity is growing and the ways in which it is developing, you will see that it bears little relationship to the forms of Christianity with which you and I are most familiar.

While Christianity is declining, both in raw numbers and percentage of the population, in the Western and Northern Hemispheres, it is growing rapidly in the East and South. There are vast divergencies between the general understanding of many issues, including charismatic gifts, the role of women in church and society, and sexuality. Because many people are migrating from these areas into our country, their views will have a growing effect on the perception of Christianity in our culture, even if we at Parkway maintain our fiercely independent Baptist approaches to issues of faith and practice.

As a group, you have always been intellectually curious and eager to learn. Sunday will give you an opportunity to have questions answered about how and where the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship does missions and to learn more about Christian faith in the global community. Be there.