Pastor’s Friday Comments (07.16.21)

Summer has been a good time for “easing back into” the regular, in-person activities at Parkway. With so many people on vacation, social distancing hasn’t been much of a problem. The continuing of live streaming and recorded availability of the services has meant that even when people were out of town they were able to participate in worship (and some have told me they actually did!) 

What I hope to see now, however, is a resumption of the kind of high level participation and commitment to the life, work, ministry and worship that we were used to prior to the pandemic. I am not suggesting busyness for its own sake, but a recognition that our life together is important and it is time for all of us to see the role we need to play in being the body of Christ in this place.

A good time for you to renew your commitment to our life together might be Sunday, August 8. That is the day when we will resume the Bible study and worship schedule we had prior to March 15, 2020. Just in case you’ve forgotten: Coffee will be available at 9:30 a.m. Bible study will start at 9:45 and worship at 11. We will continue to provide an interactive version of The Beginning each weekend.

A special feature of that first Sunday worship service will be the annual blessing of the backpacks. Our children will be going back this year in stressful circumstances, and we need to bathe them in our prayers.

Each Sunday should be a time of renewal and recommitment, but after fifteen months of disruption and a summer of transition, it’s time for all of us to recognize that we have an important part to play as a member of this family of faith. Certainly ask for God’s guidance about your particular role, but by all means, let’s all get back together.