Pastor’s Friday Comments (05.01.20)

These thoughts will include no words that begin with the third letter of the alphabet; there will be no mention of the numeral that precedes the number 20.

The loving members of our family of faith are staying in touch with one another, still showing sincere interest, and offering help wherever needed.

Faithful Parkway followers of God are availing themselves of the opportunities to worship each week through interactive Beginning and Morning Worship material.

Sunday School groups are meeting each week, not only to make sure everyone is okay, but also to study the Word of God together.

Members, who understand the need for on-going support of ministries and programs, are giving their offerings through their banks, the mail, or dropping off their offerings in the secure mailbox at the building.

The Spring Missions Offering has been successful and you are still bringing non-perishable food items for our missions partner in Norcross.

The mid-week prayer service is experiencing outstanding attendance. People are offering prayers for one another, especially those in need and for the staff.

Our members, as far as I am able to tell, are exercising prudence and taking appropriate measures to ensure that they do not endanger anyone or unduly tax medical facilities by getting sick.

God is still faithful.