Pastor’s Friday Comments (04.26.19)

I hope you will be at church Sunday. There is a very good chance that you were there last Sunday, it being Easter and all. Unless there is a good reason, most Christians make an effort to be present on the holiest day of the Christian year. It is, after all, the day when we celebrate the event that validated every claim made about or by Jesus and, more importantly, his claim on our lives.

But we celebrate that event every Sunday, don’t we? We choose the first day of the week as the day for collective worship because that is the day of the week on which Christ rose from the dead. From that perspective every Sunday is Easter.

And coming together each week is a recognition that there is no such thing for the Christian as “one and done.” It isn’t sufficient for us to claim to be followers of Christ and express our faith only on an annual basis. Our Christian pilgrimage (and that includes our worshipping together) is an on-going series of events. If it is a cycle, it begins with Easter, but it should move ever forward as we seek to grow in faith and be available for service every day that we live.

In many churches, this coming Sunday is known as “Low Sunday.” It is partly a recognition of the near certainty that there will be fewer worshippers in attendance than there were on Easter. It is also an acknowledgment that there is often a “letdown” after a big event, and, for Christians, there is no bigger event than Easter.

Don’t let it be a “low” Sunday for you. Let it be a visual indicator that you are willing to live a resurrected life, not on a single given day, but every day of your life. Let it be a time for renewing your commitment to a risen Savior, a desire to serve in all circumstances and on all days. Let it be a determination that, though every moment may not seem to be a high and holy one, they are all moments given to you by God and that you are able to live them not through your own strength but through the power of a Savior who is alive and in the world today.

We continue to be surrounded by so much darkness, by divisions that must surely grieve God, by hatred and oppression about which the Christian Church has done so little. Let the light of Christ shine through you this week and every week. Make a difference in the world for which Christ died and to which you have been called. And come back to church in a couple of days. It’s the best way I know to show you were serious about what you were singing last Sunday.