Pastor’s Friday Comments (02.28.20)

On Sunday, February 23, I preached a sermon in the series on the Sermon on the Mount entitled “Radical Religion”, based on Matthew 5:38-48. Given Jesus’ admonition to “turn the other cheek,” in our current cultural environment it was almost unavoidable to draw attention to the opposing message of revenge and retribution against enemies so prevalent in our society. I’m grateful that, the weather being nice and it not being a holiday weekend, most of you were in church to hear it.

Since I made reference to specific events and a specific individual it is likely that, if you weren’t here, you will hear about it. My only request as your pastor is that, before you make any judgment – positive or negative – about the sermon, you hear it for yourself. You can do that here.

Thoughtful comments, whether you agree with a position I have taken or not, are always appreciated.