Pastor’s Friday Comments (01.25.19)


Soon our church website will have a new format. You may not see a lot of difference in its appearance, but it will be a little easier to navigate and the announcements of current events will be more prominent.

However, one of the elements from our current site that we decided to keep is an introductory, one minute video giving a summary of who we are. 

In these challenging times for traditional churches like ours, it is important for us to remember who we are and to be able to share that with others. This is the text of the video:

A lot of churches these days seem to be trying to do away with anything that looks, sounds, or feels like church.

But Parkway is a family of faith that likes church.

We enjoy creative yet reverent worship that helps to deepen our relationship with God.

We believe that knowing one another personally keeps us connected and helps us support each other.

We find that active participation in worship, Bible study, and ministry is more meaningful than being a religious spectator.

We are enriched by being with people of all ages and backgrounds.

And we know that we are called by God to love and accept everyone. Period.

If you spend some time with us, you might find that you like church too.

If you find that this description of Parkway fits with your experience, and if you think that this type of church is worth perpetuating, then spread the word. There’s always room in our family of faith.