Pastor’s Friday Comments (01.03.20)

Well done, good and faithful servants! This year during the Advent Season we collected our annual Global Missions Offering. The Missions Committee set the very challenging goal of raising $20,000 for three mission causes: Global Missions of the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship; nurse practitioner, Parkway member, and missionary with International Missions of the American Baptist Convention, Kristy Engel; and our partnership with the House of Hope in Bolivia.

As you have no doubt seen by now in our emails, we blew past that goal and, as of December 22, the day we had set to end the collection, you had contributed $21,846! (I imagine more has come in since then, but, because of the holidays, I’m writing this on December 23.)

You have been incredibly generous in supporting three very worthy causes through which we assist in sharing God’s love around the world. None of this money goes to administrative costs or other expenses. All of it is used for ministry and shows good stewardship both on the part of you as givers and the ministries as receivers.

I should note that it is through offerings like this one that we at Parkway carry on most missions beyond our own church ministries and programs. Like most churches, the largest portions of your regular contributions go to support our own activities and to enhance our own spiritual growth. These special offerings are a demonstration of our desire to have an impact beyond our own walls.

I think it is also significant that this offering was collected at a time when you were hearing way too many other voices encouraging you to buy gifts for others – gifts that they may not need and that have little real value. You resisted that temptation to the full extent that you gave money to our Global Missions Offering.

You also contributed toward gifts to Norcross Cooperative Ministries, Duluth Middle School and Rainbow Village during the Advent and Christmas Seasons. Your impact has been felt in those places too.

I am constantly delighted by your level of commitment to God, to our family of faith, and to our mission as Christ’s disciples. Your generous giving to Global Missions and other causes this past year is just another reason for why I am so proud of you.