Pastor’s Friday Comments (01.01.2021)

Happy New Year! As I remarked in Sunday’s sermon, just wishing that 2021 will be a better year than 2020 is setting a pretty low bar for our expectations of the next twelve months. Since we hope we are seeing the light at the end of the long pandemic tunnel with the inception of vaccine administration, let’s look forward to the time when we can move around with more freedom and less risk.

In the meantime, let’s remember that God meets us wherever we are, and, to the extent that we are willing to yield ourselves to God’s use, can do marvelous things beyond anything of which we could conceive on our own. Let’s open ourselves up to the possibilities that God has in store for us in this new year.

One of the things you can expect sometime in the next year will be the coming of a new pastor to serve among you. Please devote yourself to prayer, asking that God will lead the committee to the person that is best suited to lead this great congregation into its future. 

To aid in that process, the task force has sent you a survey seeking to ascertain the traits you believe the next pastor should possess, as well as your hopes and ideas for Parkway’s future. Please give careful and prayerful consideration to how you will respond to each of the questions. General answers about pastoral expectations like “40 years old with 30 years experience, able to walk on water” will not be helpful with regard to the pastor you want. Nor, when it comes to your hopes for the future of the congregation, is it particularly insightful for you to say that you want the church to “grow.” The results of this survey will be used by the Pastor Search Committee in reviewing candidates, but they can also use them to articulate to a potential leader both the hopes and expectations of the members.

It is important that the task force receive input from every person to whom it is sent. Regardless of how active you are in congregational life, you are a vital part of the family. The more comprehensive the response, the more complete will be the pictures of the church and the potential pastor.

But for now, and for as far into our future together as the Lord leads us, I’m committed to serving alongside you in these challenging times. Please continue to stay safe and healthy. We really are in this together.