When Jesus was instructing his disciples about how they were to follow him, he had a lot to say about their relationship to their possessions. For those of us who have far more “stuff” than the disciples could even imagine possessing, this is an even more critical issue. The time, expense, and worry we put into owning things robs us of the joy we could have in sacrificial service. The desire to cling to as much as we can moves us away from Christ’s command to take care of the least among us.

For the remainder of this Christian Year in worship we will consider how Christ would have us relate to our possessions (which are really only on loan from God anyway). Join us each Sunday morning at eleven a.m. as we look through the lens of the Gospel of Mark at what Jesus says about our stuff.

October 14  “The Problem with Having Too Much Stuff”

Mark 10:17-31

October 21  “Be Careful What You Ask For”

Mark 10:35-45

October 28  “Who Is the Blind Man?”

Mark 10:46-52

November 4 (Communion)  “Living Out the Great Commandments”

Mark 12:28-34

November 11

“Exploiting the Poor”
Mark 12:38-44

November 18  “It’s All Temporary Anyway”

Mark 13:1-8

November 25 Christ the King Sunday  “Christ our King”
John 18:33-37
Revelation 1:4b-8