India Relief

Resources for India COVID-19 Relief

It is easy to feel overwhelmed by the magnitude off the disaster facing India right now, so I would like to offer a few resources that you can use to help mitigate, at least in some way, the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic in India. First, I will list a few agencies that I know are getting funds directly to hospitals, clinics, churches, and individuals who are on the frontlines of care. Next, I will list several focus areas for prayer. Finally, you will find links to various credible sources of information so that you can stay up to date with accurate information on India’s situation. Thank you, in advance, for your prayers and support during this time.

Resources for financial support

  • Vellore Christian Medical College (CMC Vellore) Foundation
    • From their website:

CMC is now readying itself for an exponential increase in the number of COVID cases to be treated. Working in collaboration with India’s Ministry of Health, CMC is (1) adding an additional 1,000 general ward and ICU beds, (2) increasing its inventory of ventilators (w/pumps and monitors), (3) doubling the number of oxygen concentrators, (4) acquiring and distributing testing kits and treatment medicines to all its inpatient and outpatient facilities, (5) maximizing its use of personal protection equipment, and (7) making COVID vaccines readily available. 

As India’s largest and finest private charity hospital, CMC is dedicated to serving the healthcare needs of the 34 million people living in the rural and urban communities that surround CMC and its various outreach facilities – doing so without regard to a person’s ability to pay.

To make a gift to CMC Vellore Foundation, CLICK HERE or see their website at:

  • International Ministries of the American Baptist Churches (IM, ABC-USA)
    • This is the organization that I, Kristy Engel, have worked with for more than 20 years and for which Parkway Baptist Church is recognized as one of their highest donor partners through the Luther Rice Foundation. From IM’s website:

International Ministries is working with partner conventions and mission hospitals in India to respond to the need of the current COVID crisis. We are raising funds to help mission hospitals to purchase life-saving equipment like ventilators and oxygen concentrators, and PPE for doctors, nurses, and hospital workers. You can give by writing a check payable to “International Ministries” and mark on the check “India COVID”, and send the check to International Ministries, 1003 W. 9th Ave., Ste. A., King of Prussia, PA 19406-1210; or give online by clicking; under “I would like to support”, choose “OGHS Covid Response: International”; and then check the box to ‘Dedicate my donation in honor or in memory of someone’ and add ’India COVID’.

Please be aware of how to make a gift online, and the specific directions, above, for directing your gift to India COVID relief.

  • Baptist World Aid/Baptist World Alliance (BWAID)

From their website:

As we navigate this global pandemic, Baptist sisters and brothers around the world are experiencing the impact. Perhaps more than ever, we must work collaboratively as part of a global family – standing together to address practical needs while responding to spiritual ones.

To make a gift to BWAID, click the GIVE button on their COVID-19 page or for sending a check, please make it out to Baptist World Alliance, mark “Standing Together” on the memo line, and mail it to: 405 North Washington Street, Falls Church, VA 22046 USA.

You may also sign up for weekly updates or join a prayer initiative on their website.

Prayer suggestions

  • Pray for the pastors who are trying to minister to the great need of their congregations and communities.
  • Pray for the leaders that they would make decisions that benefit the country.
  • Pray for those in powerful positions that they would use their influence, funds, and leadership to help India out of this crisis.
  • Pray for those who suffer loss upon loss. For the hungry, broken, and desperate.
  • Pray for the growing orphan crisis and for the compassionate workers trying to help these children.
  • Pray for peace, cooperation, and love.
  • Pray for resilience among those who are suffering.
  • Pray for wisdom and discernment for the distribution of money and supplies.
  • Pray for endurance for the medical personnel who continue to minister, often without pay or appropriate safety equipment and supplies.
  • Pray for light and love to shine out of those who serve in Christ’s name.
  • Pray for those individuals offering psychosocial support throughout the crisis.
  • Pray, specifically, for the following organizations that are working together in India during the pandemic:
    • Baptist World Alliance,
    • Baptist Pacific Asian Foundation/Aid,
    • Emmanuel Hospital Association,
    • Christian Medical College (CMC Vellore) Foundation,
    • UNICORPS (a volunteer organization of CMC Vellore alumni)
    • Christian Medical Association of India,
    • Christian Hospital Association of India,
    • National Council of Churches of India,
    • Evangelical Fellowship of India,
    • Council of Baptist Churches in India
    • International Ministries, ABC-USA

Links to credible information

In a time of incredible amounts of information at our fingertips, it is often frustrating to know who to listen to and what information is correct. I have made a short list of some of the best sources of apolitical, appropriate, and accurate information sources. This is not a complete list, of course, but one that gives you a place to start. I encourage you to learn what you can and educate others so we can all work together.

  • World Health Organization COVID-19 Information page (int)
    • On their site, you can select a section called, Situation Reports, which will discuss accurate information, as reported to the WHO by governmental health agencies around the world.
    • You can read about vaccines and treatment, including their program called COVAX which is attempting to make vaccines available to all countries, not just high-income countries.
  • Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (gov)
    • There is a section on Variants which will give information for the different variants being tracked around the world.
    • In a section called, Global COVID-19, you can learn how the CDC is working around the world during the pandemic.
  • The Johns Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Center provides information about global cases, deaths, and testing.
  • For news from India, specifically, Reuters, IN, India Ministry of Health, AP News from India, and a national paper, The Times of India, are all sources of updated information regarding COVID.