From the Youth Ministry….

The Next Step

There are several of our students that are graduating high school this year. Many are beginning the journey to college by making tough decisions about their future, but what is the next step supposed to look like? Do any of us really know?

In one way or another we are all either in the midst of or are about to take the next step. There are so many people we can take advice from for that next step, but what about the next step in our faith life? Do we ever think about how we are all growing in faith and how that growth is never finished? What steps are you taking? The student ministry just finished a month talking about missions and service. Does your next step involve serving others?

In many ways faith itself is taking the first step before you see the second. How many of us are willing to take the next step toward living like Jesus? Take some encouragement from our seniors and dive into that next step fully leaning on Christ.