From the Youth Ministry….

What is Your Mission?

In March the student ministry will participate in March Mission Madness, which will be held at Johns Creek Baptist Church, March 15th and 16th. We will be put into groups and go out to serve our local area. I think this is a great opportunity for us to see that our very own neighbors need our help. We do not necessarily have to get on a plane to serve others. We can do it right here!

I am also doing a program in school right now called Clinical Pastoral Education, which means I am training in counseling and chaplaincy through a hospital and a nonprofit in downtown Atlanta called Crossroads Community Ministries. This ministry helps the homeless obtain their birth certificates, IDs, Marta cards, in order to get to jobs and interviews, and provides a location to receive their mail. They also give hygiene and clothing items when they have them. I have challenged the youth to bring in items for the hygiene kits that I will be able to hand out to the homeless guests where I am interning. We have so many opportunities to help; we just have to look around.

This next month the student ministry will be learning and discussing, what does it really look like to serve others. What about you? Can we serve our coworkers? Our family? What about those people that are difficult to love? Are we supposed to serve them as well? After reading the story of the Good Samaritan again it is clear that everyone is our neighbor and we should always look to find ways to love them by serving them.

Will you join the student ministry this March and look for opportunities to serve others?