From the Student Ministry…

The Mystery of Faith

Recently, I was told of a friend that loves the Church, loves to worship with other believers, loves the community and mission of the Church, but has a hard time with the mystery of faith. Having grown up in the Church my entire life the mystery of faith is less mysterious and more automatic. Of course I believe God is our Creator and that Jesus is God’s divine Son who died for the sins of the world. Absolutely! But I think sometimes we can lose the mystery behind faith. I think that friend sees how that kind of faith is beyond understanding which is what makes it so incredible and hard to describe with words and even hard to believe.

The youth are learning about the life of David and how David continued to have confidence in God’s steadfast love and protection even though he was facing certain death while being chased by Saul. David had no idea how everything would turn out, but wrote psalm after psalm about God’s unending faithfulness. I think we can forget sometimes about how absolutely unexplainable faith in God can be. God’s majesty should be something we marvel at and can barely believe. I think it is important that we wrestle with faith not because it may not be true, but because our faith builds each time we consciously decide to believe despite everything in the world telling us not to. Have you seen God’s faithfulness today? Do you dare to marvel at the mystery?