The Sunday School Answer

This past Sunday the student ministry started a series about prayer. The first time I was led to speak about prayer a few years ago, I realized that I talked about prayer way more than I practiced it. This got me thinking that prayer has become the “catch-all” Sunday School answer when we do not know what else to do. Someone is sick? Tell them to pray. We do not understand terrible events? Tell them to pray. Feel far from God? You got it — pray about it. Praying about these things is not the wrong answer, but what actually do we say in a prayer? How often are we supposed to do it? Is God going to FaceTime us when we need an answer? Of course I know that the answer to that last question is super obvious, but for as much as we talk about prayer we tend not to trust it.

We started with the Lord’s Prayer as the model for things we should pray about and we are going to go through aspects of prayer like perseverance, how prayer can restore, how prayer is active and not passive, and that we all have a yearning that only God can fill, and prayer can be used to draw us closer to God. Prayer is a mighty act of faith and trust that we sometimes dwindle down to a simple Sunday School answer. Can prayer change your life? Only if you make the effort to practice.