From the Student Ministry….

Give them more grace, not less

This last month we have been looking at the idea of Conflict– what contributes to it; what is it made of; what do you do when it reaches an impasse? We have decided that it is inevitable but not always bad. Conflict arises because people are different and differences help make the world more interesting. It also happens because people do not communicate their needs to God very well and then let jealousy sink in. The youth discussed that anger is not bad but not always good; it depends. It depends on what is going on that makes us angry and what we do when we are angry that really causes the problems. But the most memorable and impactful realization was about what we do when we reach an impasse. 

In Matthew 18:15-20, there are some pretty recognizable verses. In particular the verses that have stuck out to me are 15-17 because they have been used in destructive ways. The paraphrase says that when someone is sinning you should approach them about it, first one on one, then with another believer, then with the church, but, if they don’t listen, treat them like a tax collector or pagan (non-believer). I have seen this verse used with such judgment and aggressive self-righteousness that it is tainted. But thanks to a reading from one of the youth and further commentary by the rest, I have come to see something different here.