From the Student Ministry….

Bring them into the process

By now everyone has had a chance to weigh in for the pastor search committee.  With surveys, prayer meeting updates, emails, and Sunday School class conversations I think all the bases are covered. It is a bittersweet process. It’s always sad to think about goodbyes but change is exciting and these conversations provide opportunity for growth. 

Our conversation with the youth was that way. After the normal questions about their perspectives on a new pastor, the conversation shifted to what they thought about the future of the youth program and ministry. They shared some pretty insightful and creative ideas. Not the least of which involved how to do a rotating schedule for Wednesday nights and the desire to focus on local mission projects. But the challenge and take away that I want to share is that we should regularly seek insight from our next generation. 

I try to remember to do this regularly but I must admit I forget. Our youth and children often have great input into how they can best be ministered to and how best they would like to serve. It saves ministers, parents, volunteers, mentors, etc, energy that would otherwise be wasted. At best it is a process that is trial and error until something sticks and at worst it is our singular view of what we think is best. 

I want to encourage all of us who are in positions of leadership, parenthood, mentorship, — or any situation that has someone else depending on you for guidance–to stop and check in with those you are leading. Ask what is working for them. Bring them into the process. You won’t be disappointed.