From the Student Ministry….


Babies, am I right? They do their own thing. There is no rushing them, no compromise, no reasoning, just responding. I’ve heard babies jokingly referred to as ‘little terrorists’ because of their no negotiation attitude. While the sentiment is understood—they are singularly focused, cannot be swayed, it’s their way or no way— it is off by one key point (at least): they are not utilizing terror but need.

February’s process has been a little disrupted and unusual. I have had to admit and utilize my own need. And, like a parent compassionately responding, my youth, youth committee, and fellow staff has shown support and empathy before I even understood what to ask for. Staff preemptively offered a few weeks of time off, my youth committee had already outlined a process for taking over lessons and most of all—no offense to all other people involved—the youth were flexible, responsive, and excited for us. 

So this newsletter is a thank you. Short and sweet. It is a brag on the people of our congregation, our leaders, and our youth; you are all amazing. It is an encouragement that you have done well in being an example for the next generation, in showing our youth how to be compassionate to one of their own during big life moments. 

Thank you all. For leading well, for loving well, for being flexible, for not thinking this is anything out of the ordinary, for being Parkway. 

With love and gratitude,

Your blessed and lucky youth minister,