From the Student Ministry….

Our favorite sheets were taped up in a box at the bottom of a man-sized Jenga tower, the pillows were hidden in a city of cardboard skyscrapers and the bed was the second act of Humpty dumpty, waiting to be put back together again. These things are not what you want waiting for you at the end of a long day of moving. Worse still, we had no internet. 

Few things put me out of sorts more than missing my evening Netflix binge, social media skim, or wander around YouTube. I had been disconnected. I have never felt the pandemic’s looming presence more. 

It is hard to imagine, with finite minds, that we can be connected to the infinite. As it says in Ephesians 2:18 “For through him (Jesus) both of us have access in one Spirit to the Father.” While this specifically is talking about uniting Jews and Gentiles into one family, we, after the fact, still have this access to God. I have come to grasp this mystery a little better with the invention and use of the internet. 

We are able to access the whole of the internet without having to have our computer or phone hold it all at once. We are connected to all of it while not having to contain all of it. So In my best, and yet still pale, understanding of the Spirit, this comes as an apt metaphor for how the Spirit gives us finite beings access to the infinite, demonstrating how something seemingly limitless is able to be accessed by something that has limits. 

Our disconnection lasted only five nights. We even went to my in-laws during the day to do some work and reconnect for a while, but the nights were hard. I am convicted that I was so upset by this. I am forced to ask myself if I am as aware and upset by the disconnects I am experiencing with God right now. Sadly, I admit, I am not kept up at night nearly as much as I was when my wifi was down. 

Do you notice when you’re disconnected? Can you tell when your spirit is less settled and less in tune with the heart of God? If you don’t take moments to check in once in a while, you end up running on expectations, assumptions, and self-serving motivations. We are both nourished by and nurturers to others with the love of God. When we do not tend to the means in which we receive love, we will run dry.

I wager we all are experiencing signal interruptions right now. More than ever we should intentionally take time to check our connection to God. When you feel distance or strain do something to boost your signal, so to speak. Something that directs your focus. Do you find God in provoking conversation? Plan a time to call that friend. Are you moved most in musical worship? Make a playlist and listen to it! Do you need stillness? Kick people out of your room, tell them the pastor says so.

I challenge you to pay attention to your needs and your connection level with the spirit. I pray that maybe it will keep you up a little when you feel that distance so that you will take the time you need to find that connection.