From the Student Ministry….


“Be devoted to one another in love.”
Romans 12:10

The idea of community is something I thought I understood. Well, I guess until a pandemic arrives. I’m learning community has many different forms, as I think we all have come to see in the last six weeks. It can look like Zoom meetings, FaceTime, snail mail, texting, phone calls, virtual games, live streaming, and more! Sometimes we are participating with a community without even noticing it. But there is one characteristic of community that we all realize: we know what it is once it’s changed.

Parkway Baptist Church is one amazing community! From the moment I met with a small group I knew I had to be a part of it. It is filled with people who genuinely love each other, take care of each other, and reach out to each other. This has been on display these last few weeks with so many checking up on others and connecting as best as we can. Community in that sense seems to go beyond any one definition.

It has been announced that May is my last month here at Parkway. I am graduating from McAfee Theological Seminary this semester and have heard my call to become a licensed counselor. Patrick and I are moving to be closer to Columbus State University so I can complete their master’s program in clinical mental health.

I am beyond blessed to have called Parkway home and my community during this time. I have grown as a minister, student, teacher, preacher, friend, and follower of Christ while doing life with you at Parkway. You have instilled this community as a permanent part of my life. I cannot thank you enough for your support, prayers, love, and friendship. As we have seen, community may look different in the coming weeks or months, but it never fully leaves those who are bound in love.