From the Student Ministry…


During this past month the student ministry has been working through the Beatitudes. Even though the global situation has resulted in social distancing, the students have continued learning the Beatitudes through social media and group messaging.

We came across a timely Beatitude from Matthew 5:9, “Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called children of God.” We are called by God to be peacemakers always, and especially in times of fear and doubt.

What is a peacemaker? According to Google, a peacemaker brings about peace by reconciling adversaries. Living a life as someone that holds the peacemaker characteristic is living a life of listening to all sides and bringing peace to situations. These are our “both/and” people rather than the “either/or” people. They want everyone at the table and will work hard to see it happen.

Have you seen the peacemakers in the last few weeks? I have seen people giving food to local schools so children and their families can eat during this time. I’ve seen people step up and create hand washing stations for those experiencing homelessness, and I’ve seen people go shopping for the elderly. We are surrounded by peacemakers even if we cannot always see them.

Now being a peacemaker is not easy. Jesus did not preach the Sermon on the Mount with the idea that we will all do this perfectly. We need Christ’s help and strength to be peacemakers. Who better to instruct us than the Prince of Peace?

We get the absolute privilege of being peacemakers for Christ. We get to listen and help others. We get to make all voices matter. We get to care for those society has tossed aside. How do you get to be a peacemaker this month?