From the Student Ministry….


We are approaching the time of year that everyone is reminded they need to be thankful. Thankful for what they have and thankful they do not lack. Why does this thankfulness come during one, maybe two months a year? How can we live our lives with a thankful mindset? Maybe we should become thankful for more than just what we have.

Last spring I worked with the homeless ministry Crossroads in downtown Atlanta. Some may think I probably became very thankful for my life after working at that ministry because I was able to meet people that had been through trauma and were very alone, and were lacking something in their lives. But it actually left a different impression on me. I was definitely thankful, but not just for the blessings I have. I was thankful to know them.

I’m thankful to have met the man working every shift he could to be able to afford an apartment for his daughter to visit. I’m thankful to have met the young woman that escaped an abusive relationship. I’m thankful to have shaken the hand of the humble and very kind veteran. I’m not thankful because meeting these people reminded me of all that I have, I’m thankful because hearing the stories of these humans gave me a connection to a people group that I always felt sorry for, but never knew.

Take time to be thankful this season. Be thankful for your families, for what you have been blessed with, but also be thankful for the people that surround you, even if they are very different from you, or you do not know them. Every person you see was made in the image of God, and we should give thanks for each and every image. What will be on your thankfulness list this year?