From the Student Ministry….

Staying Connected

This month starts another school year! For some of our students that means going to middle school, maybe going to high school, starting senior year, or even starting college. This is an excellent time to talk about one of the questions from our “Questions Series”: How do I keep Jesus in my life during busy school months?

How do we stay connected to family and friends? We can call them, send them emails or cards in the mail, and we can visit them. But how do we stay connected to Jesus? Does anyone have Jesus’ number? Unfortunately, it is not as simple as sending Jesus a text message, but it is fulfilling.

We can make Jesus a priority in our lives by making time each day, speaking to Jesus and reading the Bible. Yes, that is the classic “Sunday School answer,” but it’s exactly how we stay connected. Once we have decided that spending time with Jesus is not a chore or punishment, it starts to feel like connecting with an old friend.

We can also gather together at church and encourage each other in staying connected. Being a part of the Body of Christ gives us motivation and strength to keep that connection going. What will you do to take time in this next season to make the effort to stay connected?