From the Student Ministry….

What Do You Want to Know?

The student ministry is beginning a series this summer called the Questions Series. Each student was given the opportunity to ask a question about Christianity or their personal faith growth. As our series “The End is Only the Beginning” has come to a close, this opportunity to ask questions is great for not only our remaining students, but also our seniors heading out into the world.


We all at some point have to decide how important our faith is to us. As the students move through the youth ministry and to college and beyond, they have the decision of what their faith will look like. I think that many of us were not given the opportunity to ask questions or take control of our faith until habits were already formed. Would your faith journey have looked different if you could have asked questions and taken time to own your faith development?


Faith development is more than just our mental and physical growth. It is how we think of our faith, and the value we place on it. Learning to value one’s faith early on could change everything, and asking questions can lead to that growth. So what do you want to know?