In the social media world the hashtag or the pound sign links phrases together so that users can see other posts about the same thing. For example, if I post a picture from my vacation and add #travel, the hashtag creates a link to other users that have added #travel and I can see other travel pictures. This is a great way to connect users all over the world.

One of the biggest trends now is to add #goals which would mean the particular picture or post is what we should strive to be. This could be a couple we want to become, success or wealth, or even just a lifestyle we want to achieve one day. The problem with #goals is that in many instances the post with the hashtag is only a snapshot of that person’s life. We begin to create impossible goals for ourselves based off of one post. But is it bad to have goals in the first place? Not at all!

I think having goals is wonderful! It gives us something to work towards and we can better ourselves and others around us when we set goals in our lives. We could set health goals, education goals, travel goals, family goals, and career goals. There are many ways we can work on bettering ourselves, but do we ever think about our faith goals? Is it our priority to have a better prayer life? Do we really want to read the Bible more? Do we really want to turn off Netflix and spend time with God?

This summer the student ministry has set individual summer faith goals. The summer can be a super busy time of the year, and because of vacations, visiting families, and family outings our faith can take a backseat. Now just like #goals, a summer faith goal could be an impossible feat if we are choosing to become the elite, perfect Christian and more than likely that faith goal will go the route of New Year’s Resolutions. What is one section of your faith life or relationship with God that you want to improve? What is one small thing you can do everyday to make God a priority? Join the Student Ministry and find a faith goal you can work towards this summer. Tell someone your faith goal and see where it takes you!