From the Student Ministry (02.01.20)

Love Does

In the month of January the student ministry has been learning about why we participate in missions in a series called “Why Missions? Because Love Does”. This series led up to the student ministry Hometown Youth Missions weekend in which we partnered and served Rainbow Village, Crossroads Ministry, Norcross Cooperative, and Ivy Hall.

We all understand we are supposed to love all of our neighbors as Jesus loves them, but we often miss the mark. Why is this? Why do we think missions is a way to visit another state or country or something we do to look good on paper? Why do we make loving people so complicated? The complications arise when we do not prioritize loving others, when we put stipulations on whom we love, and when we wait until circumstances are perfect in order to love. Love does not just plan on doing it. Love does it.

The basis of this series is a book called Love Does by Bob Goff. Bob does not write about anything that I have not heard before, or that is brand new to me. He writes about the everyday excuses we make in order to not become Love. He reminds us that if we are going to be people who are becoming love then we need to stop making those excuses and live a life of intentionality.

The student ministry has used this way of applying love along with Scripture to answer the question, “Why Missions?” We have concluded that missions is not a singular action or event, but instead a way of life. Since we should be living intentionally as the love of Jesus the answer to, “Why Missions?” becomes, because Love Does.

How are you becoming Love? What will your love do this year? Stop waiting for permission and just go love everybody. Love doesn’t just think about it; love does it.