From the Staff . . .

Jane Redman

Children’s Ministry Coordinator

The Ladies’ Book Club recently read the book, American Dirt by Jeanine Cummins. This book tells the story of a woman and her son who lose all of their family in one violent attack in Mexico and are forced to leave the country to save their own lives. It was not an easy book to read. Not many of us can imagine ourselves leaving behind the life we have to face an uncertain future. 

Shortly after reading this book, I was honored to spend time with two of our church members who understand this concept all too well. They lived it. If you have never heard Elena Mola tell the story of her life, make time to hear it. Following her around her house, I heard her telling about her family pictures that are actually pictures of pictures; sharing how precious pieces of furniture are that were given to her by the people in the church that helped her get started again in this country.

I could not help but think about all the people in Ukraine who are leaving their homes with little more than the clothes on their backs, not knowing when or if they will be able to return to the country they loved. Many of them are leaving loved ones behind who are not able to travel or who are bravely taking a stand to try and save their country. 

The news is full of stories of people in neighboring countries who are receiving these refugees with the same warmth that Elena experienced. 

Then I thought about how our country receives refugees during this day and time. Not all receive the welcome and encouragement that Elena received. When you look at Elena and Eugenio and the blessing that they are to our church, I, for one, wonder how many blessings are being turned away or treated as unwelcome guests.

I know that the problem is much larger than one person can solve, or even one church. However, one person, one church did make a difference in Elena’s life and we at Parkway are the recipients of the overwhelming blessing that resulted from the willingness of church members to listen and to obey God’s call.