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Refresh and Refocus

Taking a break is essential for maintaining our mental and physical health. Our brains and bodies require rest to function at their best, and regular breaks allow us to recharge and refocus. Whether we are studying, working, or simply going about our daily activities, taking a break can help us avoid burnout and increase productivity.

There is some research, although inconclusive, that daily napping can increase productivity, reduce stress, and improve focus ( Personally, I am especially interested in this line of research and, to benefit all humankind, am conducting daily field tests on the effects of napping on productivity.

From a biblical perspective, observing the Sabbath is a commandment given by God in the Old Testament. The Sabbath day was set apart as a day of rest, a time to cease from work and focus on worship and reflection. The Sabbath not only a day of rest and renewal, it is also seen as a reminder of the freedom that God provided to the Israelites when they were enslaved in Egypt. By observing the Sabbath, we acknowledge our dependence on God and our need for rest and restoration. In the New Testament, Jesus affirmed the importance of the Sabbath and emphasized its spiritual significance.

Parkway Baptist’s Wednesday Summer Sabbatical is a time for rest, renewal, and refocus. It also reflects the reality of modern schedules; schools typically have a long summer break and families take advantage of this to take vacations and travel. Parkway’s Wednesday Summer Sabbatical begins May 31 – no Wednesday night activities other than Sanctuary Choir that night. Wednesday night activities will resume on August 16.

In a world that often values busyness and productivity, taking a Sabbath can be a countercultural act that reorients our focus towards God and the things that matter most in life.

Summer Sanctuary Choir

During our Wednesday Summer Sabbatical, the Sanctuary Choir will rehearse on Sunday Mornings at 10:30 am. Singers of all ages and levels of experience are welcome.

Carey Huddlestun