From the Staff . . .

July 1, 2022
Once upon a time, a group of wise educators decided that Kindergarten should be less of a academic setting and more of a place where children would learn to live and work together. Instead of reading, computer, math and science centers, there were housekeeping, blocks, art and book centers. Walking around the classroom, you would hear the children confronting problems, role-playing, and working out differences. Most of the time!! The teacher rarely had to intervene, but when intervention was necessary, it was more of a “redirect” to help the children solve the problem together.
When the powers that be decided that Kindergarten was to be focused on academics and not “play,” I asked the question, “Where  are children going to learn how to work together to solve problems?”  I stand by that statement. Every year that passes, I see more and more evidence that we are losing our ability to work through our disagreements. I recently had a phone conversation with my brother-in-law about his visit with his parents. He made the statement, “You and I have disagreements. We talk about it and when all is said and done, even if we still disagree, we still get along afterwards. You don’t let our disagreements change how you feel about me.” That is one of the nicest things he has ever said to me. He and I don’t agree on a lot of things, but, we listen to each other and if we don’t change the other’s mind, we move on. We never get to the point of anger. We never get to the point where we don’t want to talk to the other of be in each other’s company. The relationship is more important than our views.
Isn’t that the way it should be with our church family?  Isn’t that what we should be modeling for the children?
You are probably tired of me promoting Godly Play, but that is exactly what Godly Play does. It’s not about a teacher telling children what to believe. It is presenting scripture and then allowing the children to experience what God wants to teach them through that scripture. There is no right or wrong answer. There is no putting people down for interpreting the story in a different way. There is just acceptance.
There is no way you are going to get a congregation (even a small) one to agree on everything, but we don’t have to dwell on how we disagree. There is more than enough to agree on to keep our relationships strong.
I love this church. I love the members of this church, even those who don’t agree with me about everything!
Let’s build something great together! Amen?
Jane Redman