From the staff . . .

This Easter/Lenten season our Youth collected snacks for the after-school program at the Rainbow Village, using their own money to buy them. Giving their time to earn the dollars and then spending those dollars for someone else’s benefit was their Lenten Mission Project. This Mission Project fed the Rainbow children and youth for about five days. They were also busy looking at how the practice of Lent,   not doing something, or doing something not normally done for God’s glory affects them in their everyday lives.

They studied on Wednesday nights, most of the fall, about what Jesus sacrificed when he gave himself as the perfect sacrifice.  Here are some of the answers that our youth found: freedom, life, deity, humanity, His place as a respected teacher (Rabbi), His place next to God, His friends, and even His family. The youth then discussed how knowing these things Jesus gave up affected their own understanding of Christ our Messiah – God. Does Christ’s sacrifice make a difference in your life as the youth have discovered it does in theirs?

They are now preparing for Youth Sunday coming up on Sunday, May 22. In their Wednesday night discussions, they will be looking at what worship really is about. They will look at the different parts of worship and, hopefully, understand how each part is there to help us all come into the presence of God. They will be leading us in all parts of the service. So come and join them on this very special Sunday as the youth of our church lead us into the presence of God. (Psalm 100). Also, as a part of worship that day we will honor our two graduating high school Seniors, so please be there for this great recognition of these youth.

The youth and their parents are also preparing for the youth to go to PASSPORT CAMP, June 11 -17. We as a church should support them through times of prayer throughout the week. We are calling on the Parkway family to partner with each participant as a prayer partner. If you are interested in being a prayer partner for one of the youth or one of the chaperones, please contact Tom Waggoner at 770-378-8542 or by email at

This summer the youth will continue to gather on Sundays and Wednesdays for Bible study and discussions of subjects of their concern as well as having some extra time gathering to fellowship and just hang out together. This is a great example for us adults in the Church family. The youth would encourage all of us to plan times of gathering just to fellowship with one another and to get to know each other again this summer. This pandemic has pulled us apart, but it’s time to “Rise Up” and be together again!

Linda and I attended a play called “Bina’s Apples.” It was about the Korean War from the Korean people’s point of view. The theatre gave out a handout that had some suggestions on how to talk in the family about war, if family members were showing concerns. I showed it to the church staff, and everyone seemed to think this was a good resource, so I am passing it on to you for your review and use, if you find it helpful. There is a QR code that will take you to the talking points or let me know and I will make you a copy. Please use it as a help for starting a conversation, if family members are showing concerns. The Alliance Theatre gave us permission to pass this info onto you, so thanks to the Alliance Theatre.

Thanks to everyone for your ongoing prayers for our youth and their growth and maturing as people and as Christians. May you as an individual and as a church body find the joy of your faith, the confidence in your beliefs, and the profound love of God in each and every day God gives you to live.

Blessings and Peace,


Interim Youth Ministry