From the Pastor . . .

March 1, 2022

“In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.”

John 1:1 

Lent is an important time of preparation; it is a time for self-reflection and evaluation as we prepare to declare on Easter that we believe and that we will follow, whatever the cost. It is a time to remember whom we choose to follow and the cost of our discipleship. We often don’t think of our discipleship as coming with a cost, but discipleship requires dedication and unwavering commitment. 

Which brings us to this season of Lent, these 40 days that are representative of the time that Jesus spent in the wilderness, tempted by Satan. For some, it is a time of self-denial and sacrifice, remembering the sacrifice that Christ made for each of us.

This time in the wilderness is significant. Jesus spent the time in the wilderness prior to beginning his earthly ministry. It was a time for him to evaluate his commitment. It was a time for him to be tested so that God could see (and so that he could see) that he was truly ready to withstand the ministry that lay ahead. Jesus voluntarily went into the wilderness to ensure that there was nothing left of his will and that all he was pursuing was God’s will.

So, we spend this time throughout Lent considering our commitment, considering the cost of our discipleship. We will ensure that there is nothing left of our will but that all we are pursuing is God’s will.

So, I ask you to commit yourselves to journeying to the cross this Lenten season, to set aside the time leading up to Easter to focus on Jesus and the sacrifice made for each of us. Lean into the Holy Spirit and hear God’s word for us as we listen. Let’s focus on the wilderness walk when we can fully allow God to become the most important part of our lives, when we can be prepared, by God, for the ministry that he has for us.

During these next six weeks, we are going to focus on the seven last words of Jesus spoken from the cross as recorded in the Gospel texts. Each week we will look at one of the sayings and remember the last words spoken by our Savior. They are words that have been recorded and remembered and shared for two thousand years. They are words meant to encourage us, teach us and give us hope. 

Join with me in this journey through the wilderness.

Your Fellow Wanderer,


Pastor Caroline