From the Pastor . . .

January 1, 2021

They say we live in a post-Biblical era, that people generally do not know a reference from scripture when it is given. So, if I were speaking to a group and commented on Cain and Able, for instance, I would need to explain that reference. They say we live in a post-Christian era, that the majority of people in the United States do not affiliate themselves with a Christian church. Gallup released a survey on church affiliation, and it doesn’t look very good.

We may live in a post-Biblical era. That’s our doing. We may live in a post-Christian era. That, too, is our doing. But we also live in a post-resurrection era; and that we cannot change no matter how little we engage in our scripture or how apathetic we become about being a part of the body of Christ. The Messiah has come and we have good news to share!

We celebrate it. We rejoice in it. We know it …we believe. But now what? Now that we have been provoked by the resurrection, what do we do?

Well, I can tell you, we don’t have to look far! As I look out my office window, I see houses popping up. Soon new families will move into those houses and surround our church.

How will we respond? As we begin a new year together, I am filled great excitement and hope! A lot will happen around us this year and we get to choose how we will respond as a church.

This year we are going to focus on developing the fruits of our church, beginning with the fruit of hospitality. I hope that you will come and join us as we live into our calling as a church!

Grace and Peace,

Pastor Caroline