From the Pastor…

Faithfully Follow

As we begin this new season of ministry together, I hope you will join me in rejoicing in all that the Lord has done to bring us to this point together. Parkway Baptist Church has a legacy of faithfully following the Lord and because of that faith, God grants us a new chapter as we begin this work together. 

This is an important work; it is Kingdom work. We come to this work with humility and much grace. It is work that is an honor to do and has great rewards, but it is a work that comes with great responsibility.

As we prepare to continue in this work, we need to remember that as disciples of Jesus we are called to faithfully follow Jesus. We only know where to go and what to do by following. And in order to faithfully follow Jesus we must spend time in the presence of God developing our discipleship.

Over these next several weeks we will be taking the time to evaluate our discipleship and ensure that we are faithfully following. We will consider what it means to follow Jesus, what the cost of following Jesus is and how we can persevere in our discipleship.

I hope you will be here each week as look at what it means to be a faithful follower of Jesus. We are the body of Christ and it takes each one of us, working together, to answer the call to be the body of Christ that we have been called to be.

Grace and Peace.


10/10   Mark 10:17-31

10/17 Mark 10:35-45

10/24 Mark 10:46-52

10/31 Mark 12:38-44