From the Pastor….

Even in these “very different” days, some things must continue. One of those is our support of missions through our Global Missions Offering. Our missionaries are experiencing all the difficulties that the rest of us are, plus in many cases facing the challenge of being even more separated from their families than the rest of us are and in living conditions more stressful.

They definitely need our prayers, but would also be greatly encouraged by knowing that we were honoring them with our gifts to support their ministries. Every bit of the money donated through our Global Missions Offering goes directly to support field personnel.

I know many of you are under financial stress yourselves right now, but please pray about your support of our Global Missions Offering and give as generously as you can. You can mail a check to the church, bring it with you to outdoor worship, or include it with a note in your regular church contribution.

Jane Redman has also come up with a great missions project for us this Christmas. As you know, she spent two weeks in the Covid unit at the Duluth branch of Northside Hospital Gwinnett, where she received excellent care and where, thankfully, she was able to begin recovering from Covid.

In appreciation not only for their care for Jane, but their valiant work on behalf of so many, we would like to collect gift cards for the staff on the Covid floor. In consultation with the public liaison at the hospital, we suggest $25 Visa gift cards so those who receive them can use them for whatever purpose they wish. Saying “thank you for your service” every time you see someone who works in a hospital is important, but this is a more tangible way that we can express our appreciation.

Our family of faith is staying as connected as possible right now through our outdoor in-person worship, the use of virtual worship material, and our Midweek Prayer Service. I hope you are doing all you can to remain connected to your church family and to continue your spiritual growth. If I can serve you in any way, please let me know.