From the Pastor….

Many of you probably never drive on State Bridge Road past the church building unless you are actually coming to church. If that is true for you, I want to prepare you for what you are going to see within the next few weeks.

You should be aware that a couple of weeks ago Parkway completed the sale of just over 12 acres of our excess land to Lennar, Inc. This development company plans on building forty-three homes on the land that will surround the sides and back of our church. All of us should be very grateful to Don Nanney and the members of the committee that brought this sale to fruition. The other members are Megan Dover, Stephen Hayes, Doug Hopkins, Don Mitchell, and Gary Skeen. Dan Hicks provided invaluable legal assistance.

Work on the project will begin very soon, so be ready to see a lot of earth moved as the infrastructure – roads, utility conduits, etc. – is constructed. When you see the survey stakes already in place, you will recognize that the streets and landscape easements will come very close to our buildings. The homes will all be located across the streets and the majority of them will face the church. This realization may be jarring to you as you are used to the wide open spaces and uninterrupted view that we currently have.

Before you begin to think of this situation as less than ideal, allow me to remind you of a few important factors:

The sale of the land netted the congregation almost three and a half million dollars. The investment of this money will result in a revenue stream that can extend the long-term financial viability of our programs and ministries into the future. Should the average age of congregants continue to climb and our giving capacity decline, the investment proceeds will complement the tithes and offerings of our members in helping to maintain our level of ministry. (I cannot emphasize enough, however, that receiving this money in no way lessens our need to continue our faithful giving each week.)

Some of the money will also allow us to engage in long-deferred maintenance and repairs to our building that will extend their life and usefulness.

Other funds from the sale can underwrite the construction of a covered driveway, the design of which has already been approved by the congregation. For the first time, families with children and senior adults will be able to be let out of cars under cover in inclement weather.

A portion of the return on the invested funds will be allocated for missions. This will support our ministry to our community and beyond.

For the first time, we will actually be in a neighborhood. People will literally be on our doorstep, instead of coming to a building situated only in a commercial corridor.

Disruption of our routine is almost always unsettling, and the transformation of the area around us is likely to have that effect. Please remember, however, that great good can come out of this transaction. The Lord blessed us with the asset of this land and has now blessed us with the opportunity to put the money we have received into service for the kingdom. I look forward to what God has in store.