From the Pastor….

I’ve always admired people who are able to “see” things before they actually exist. These visionaries look beyond what currently is and conceive of what things might become. They are the great inventors, innovators, and builders of our society. 

I’ve never considered myself to be particularly gifted in this area. I feel that I can help move things along, but I’ve usually followed in the footsteps of those who could see into the future better than I.

I think George and Mary Beth Busbee were visionaries. Not only did they see the need for a congregation in this part of Georgia, but they saw what it could become. And they had the foresight to lead the small group of fellow believers that comprised the early membership of Parkway to purchase a piece of land of sufficient size both for anticipated needs and either future growth or future support for programs and ministries.

Over the past couple of years, we, the current members of Parkway, have seen both the need for and the potential in liquidating part of that excess land so that we can enhance ministries, upgrade facilities, and provide a revenue stream for on-going support. That process will soon culminate in our receiving over three million dollars to be used solely as the congregation, under the leadership of God’s Holy Spirit, sees fit. I thank God for visionaries like the Busbees who helped to make this possible.

But now I can at least get a glimpse of another vision, a picture of a community of homes surrounding the church that represents neighbors to whom we will be called to minister. I can “see” the open and friendly family that is Parkway welcoming these new friends and family with open arms, both to the new neighborhood and to our church.

I can see a cadre of volunteers prepared to greet each new family as they move in, bearing some tangible gift as a representation of our welcome, and introducing them to the great community of faith that is literally next door.

I can see other members eager to offer practical assistance as each new resident moves in, helping with the chores that inevitably arise with a new house, and letting them know that we are there when they need us.

I can see our congregation opening up our facilities for community events and classes, forming connections that could lead to on-going relationships and opportunities to bear witness to our faith.

I can see new residents, even if they are not personally interested in active involvement in our church, sharing their good experiences with friends and other neighbors who might be glad to know that there is “a church like ours” in the Johns Creek/Duluth community.

I can “see” a lot of great things happening in the near future for our church and our community, but they will only become reality as we ask God to bless the vision and to give us the guidance and strength to carry it out. These can be exciting and fulfilling times for our church, but let us remember that we can only do what God wants us to do. Join me in asking for the Lord’s directions for our future.