From the Pastor….

Last month the Parkway Weekday Preschool Ministry closed its doors for the last time. After over twenty years of service to the community, declining enrollment and the retirement of long-time director Sue Moser made it a difficult but necessary decision.

The ending of one ministry, however, offers the opportunity for the expansion of others and the creation of new ones. I am praying that God will lead us to use this transition to enhance and increase our ministry to children through our congregational life.

From a physical standpoint, now that this great space will not have to be essentially dual-purpose we can upgrade and renovate the children’s area to make it both welcoming and accommodating of the best children’s ministry anywhere. There are plans in the conceptual stage to create an indoor activity space that will allow more freedom of movement for young, energetic bodies. Bright colors, appropriate furniture, and stimulating activity centers will all help us to develop an optimum environment for the spiritual, mental, and physical development of the youngest members of our family of faith.

Once the development of the community around our church begins, look for a new, slightly smaller, but greatly improved outdoor play area as well.

Because of the nature of the Weekday Preschool Ministry and its use of most of the education building, we had little opportunity to open our facilities to the larger community. I am hoping that with more space available during the week, we can find ways to invite groups within our area to utilize our facilities. This can be an important extension of our overall ministry beyond our own congregation. We will also be converting one of the preschool rooms into a conference room, giving us the kind of meeting space for committees and small groups that we have never had before.

Once these upgrades are completed, we plan a major outreach effort into our community, letting people know of the ministry to families that Parkway offers. I am convinced that under the leadership of Jane Redman, our coordinator of children’s ministries, and our dedicated and experienced volunteers, we already have the finest faculty for the spiritual education of children in our area. Soon we will have facilities worthy of their gifts.

For all of us, this is a time to keep our eyes and ears open as we move about our community, seeking chances to share the good things that are going on at our church and inviting people to join us. One of our great strengths is the range of ages among our members, but we have a particular responsibility to help young parents bring up their children in the “nurture and admonition of the Lord.” I know you’ll do your part.