From the Pastor…

A Prayer for Sundays

O Lord, I am grateful that you are with us every day and everywhere we are. The one who watches over us “neither slumbers nor sleeps.” But Sunday, the day of the resurrection, is always special and so I ask for your presence among us on Sundays in an extraordinary way.

I pray that all the sisters and brothers in our family of faith will have a keen desire to gather together so that we might offer you our collective praise. Please remove any temptation we might feel to make some other activity a higher priority. Remind us that we are to worship you and you alone and that to give our time and attention to other pursuits simply because others make demands on our time or because we seek only our own pleasure is to make an idol of less worthy things.

Thank you, Lord, for those faithful few who rise early and come together for The Beginning. Join us there, we humbly pray, as we seek to get the day off to a proper start with meditation and prayer. Help others to see the value in centering their minds and hearts on you even as we begin our Sundays. Help us to recognize that even when we are in your house our minds can be on other things and that intentional meditation at the beginning of the day can keep us focused on you. May our prayers for the needs of our congregation and others have effect as we bring them before your throne of grace.

Thank you for the time of Bible study. Thank you for committed teachers who diligently study your word and lead us in a discussion of how it applies to our lives. Thank you for the opportunity to share our needs and struggles and challenges with each other so that we might pray for one another and offer encouragement. Make all of us more faithful in gathering, and please help others to see the value for their own lives and for the life of our congregation in joining for this time each week.

And most especially I pray, O Lord, for our time of worship. It is the time of the week when the most of us are gathered together and, although “where two or three are gathered” you are with us, surely we can draw great strength from all of us being together in worship. Help us to come together with open hearts and minds, ready to receive your direction for our lives and your strength for whatever we may have to face in the week ahead.

As we become aware of your presence and our unworthiness to receive your love, I pray that the sincere confession of our sins might bring us back into a proper relationship with you. Help us, in the light of that amazing grace, to offer you ourselves by being willing to be your servants wherever you choose to send us.

Let us remember, O Lord, that we have nothing to offer to you that you have not given to us, and that there are no acts of worship in which we can engage that will make you do anything. But help us also to remember that you desire our presence with you. On Sundays may we all be found where you expect us to be, gathered for worship, enjoying your company and that of our fellow believers, and ready to receive whatever you would give us so that we might be your light shining into the world of darkness to which, through Christ, we have been called. In his name I pray.