From the Pastor (05.01.20)

As so many of you have had to do, the Parkway staff has had to find creative ways to continue their ministries during this time when we are restricted from face-to-face meetings. I’m grateful that we are facing this current global crisis in an age when we have so many electronic means to keep in touch with one another, and our staff and lay leaders are availing themselves of all of them.

Sunday School classes, weekday Bible studies, and mid-week prayer services are still being held, and most of us have gotten used to Zoom calls and other apps, even though we would all prefer that they were not necessary.

And, as I mentioned in my last Friday Comments, until health care professionals tell us that it is safe and prudent to return to worship, we will continue to email interactive worship services to our members.

Please continue to pray for your staff as they do all they can to remain connected with the groups for which they are responsible, while dealing with their own issues related to coping in these difficult days.

Jim and Carey engage in worship planning while maintaining the recommended distance.

Angie stays in touch with members and distributes material to the congregation from her home office.

Hannah stays in touch with the youth through two weekly Zoom calls.

Spoiler alert: That’s Jane in the Easter Bunny suit. On the Saturday before Easter she went to the homes of all the younger children to hide eggs. Each week she has Zoom calls with both the younger and older children.

We’ve been having great crowds at our mid-week prayer service.