From the Music Ministry . . .

Thoughts on a Life of Service Through Music

February 1, 2022, marks Mary Ellen Kerrick’s eighteenth year as organist at Parkway Baptist
Church. Quite a milestone! Of course, Mary Ellen was an organist before coming to Parkway
Baptist. In fact, Mary Ellen has served some 50 years as organist in various churches.
When I heard this was her fiftieth year of service, I asked her to reflect on her impressive
tenure as a church musician and briefly share her thoughts with us.
Thank you, Mary Ellen, for continuing to share your abundant gifts and talents with us at
Parkway Baptist Church. May God continue to use you through music for years to come.

     Psalm 96:1 says, “Sing to the Lord a new song.” Music and singing are desired by the Lord as
part of our worship of Him. Down through the ages people have shown their love for
God by praising His attributes and singing “Hallelujah” as an expression of praise. Our
offering of new songs brings God joy. It keeps us focused on God and gives us joy.
A calling to serve God in church music through singing, playing an instrument,
directing choirs and orchestras, teaching, and composing new music is a calling to
individuals as a vocation, and also to every believer as our gift of praise to God.
February 1st marks 18 years I have had the privilege to serve as organist at Parkway
Baptist Church. This year also marks 50 years of serving as organist in Baptist churches in
the southeast. My husband, Jim, served as minister of music until retirement. It was our
great joy to work together for these years. During this time, we have seen and
experienced many changes. We have grown in our appreciation for music new to our
Believers around the world worship God through music based on their own cultures. As
technology has opened the door for the sharing of ideas, we find worship styles being
influenced by the ideas of others. New rhythms, new melodies, new harmonies, and
new instruments are used to create wonderful and inspiring music for worship.
Singing new songs to the Lord and creating new music for His glory, prepares us for an
eternity of praising our great Savior and Lord together with all believers around God’s

Mary Ellen Kerrick
January 20, 2022