From the Music Ministry….

Music in Worship has Changed and Not Changed

As with so many aspects of life during this time of pandemic, worship planning and worship procedures have dramatically changed. The work required to create ‘virtual’ worship is very different from the work required to create physical worship. This is especially true for the musical aspect of worship.
While music ministry in a physical worship format involves a good amount of collaboration with people to prepare for and lead in worship, i.e., keyboard artists, choirs, and congregations; music ministry in a virtual worship format involves a lot more working by one’s self and with technology, i.e., audio recording, audio editing, presentation software, and video creation.
I thought you might find it interesting to see various steps needed to prepare for and present music in a virtual worship setting.

choose hymns and solo, taking note of availability of downloadable PowerPoints for hymns that have both music and text
purchase PowerPoint files and download
send chosen music selection for inclusion in Order of Worship
record accompaniment for hymns and solo
create PowerPoint presentations for each hymn and the solo
edit Virtual Order of Worship file (aka Bulletin)
create YouTube cover images from hymn and solo PowerPoint presentations
edit recorded audio files and save with added information (metadata – it’s a librarian thing)
edit hymn PowerPoint presentations for content using purchased and downloaded PowerPoint files
embed edited audio files into PowerPoints and record Sildeshow timing to follow hymn music and solo text
add solo voice track to recorded solo accompaniment and edit
embed edited audio file into solo PowerPoint and record Sildeshow timing
save hymn and solo PowerPoint presentations as video files
upload created hymn and solo videos to Parkway’s YouTube channel and add information (aka metadata – I just can’t help myself – such as copyright, language, keywords, usage, date recorded, etc.)
copy links of the YouTube video files – sermon, Scripture and prayer, hymns, and solo – and embed the links into appropriate Virtual Order of Worship document text
double check the links to the YouTube files in the Virtual Order of Worship document (it would not be good to have a hymn YouTube video open when it is supposed to be the sermon YouTube video)
email Virtual Order of Worship documents with YouTube video links to Jim King for distribution

While much about this process is very different, some things have not changed. The things that have not changed in this process include depending on the Holy Spirit to guide the selection of material for use in worship, collaborating with talented and willing artists to create the music, and relying on the Holy Spirit to empower and fill our worship experience(s) no matter what the format or method of delivery.