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Congregational Song Survey 2019

The past several months I have focused on the current state of congregational song, factors that influence congregational singing, and characteristics of worship music in general. This series was inspired by and drew from Harry Plantinga’s March 11, 2019 blog post entitled, The Future of Congregational Song.

To conclude this series, I thought it would be interesting to discover what your favorite congregational song is.To that end, I have created the Favorite Hymn Survey – Parkway Baptist Church 2019 (see the link below).

The Favorite Hymn Survey – Parkway Baptist Church 2019 will take you about two to seven minutes to complete. Of course, the more PBC members and regular attenders who take the survey, the better, so please take the time to complete the survey. It will remain open into September and I will report on the results in my October article.

This survey is modeled roughly on the Hymn Society’s Hymn Tournament 2019. That is why you will find our favorite hymn survey has the divisions of strophic and refrain hymns. This Hymn Society’s hymn tournament culminated at the organization’s 2019 Annual Conference held in Dallas, TX. By the way, the Hymn Society’s 2020 Annual Conference will be held in Atlanta, GA, on July 12 – 16. I will keep you posted on opportunities for your participation in this inspiring and enlightening event.

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