From the Children’s Ministry . . .

Each year during Lent, we have tried to provide activities for the children and families to do to

help children fully appreciate the season and to grow in their faith. This year, we are offering a

more balanced church and home approach to Lent. The Children and Youth began working

together in February preparing a Lenten Candle kit for families to light during Lent. In March,

both groups will work together preparing a Lenten snack and a cross wall hanging.

Each family will receive a Lenten Bible Reading Plan which will provide the opportunity to read

through the Book of Mark during Lent. Our hope is that families will use this guide as a daily

devotional as well as a devotional for the lighting of the Lenten Candles.

While reading through the book of Mark, there are some themes that the children should look

for. The first is that Jesus is the Son of God. As you read Mark together, look for examples of

things that Jesus does that only the Son of God could do. Look for examples where Jesus

forgives sins, calms storms, and works miracles.

The second theme is Jesus as the Suffering Servant. Look for times where Jesus talks about

the need to suffer or is a suffering servant himself.

The third theme is Confusion. There were many times when the disciples, the religious leaders,

and even the crowds who followed Jesus were confused by the things Jesus said and did. Try to

put yourself in their shoes and think about how you would have responded to Jesus. There are

many things that confuse children about Jesus even today. There are things that confuse us all.

This would be a good time to talk about those things and to let children know that it’s ok to have

questions. Questions help us to grow. We don’t have to have all the answers to have a strong

relationship with our Savior.

Lent is also a time to emphasize prayer. I encourage you to help the children choose one

person (or group of people) each day to pray for. It may be that they need the prayers for

themselves that day. In all the times I have asked the children if they had anyone they wanted to

pray for, I can not recall a single time when they responded, “Pray for me.” Maybe this is a good

time to let them know that it’s not only ok, but good to ask for prayers for ourselves. No reason

has to be given, sometimes we all need to be lifted up by the prayers of others.

I hope that Lent will be a time for each of us to spend time together as families, a church family,

and individuals with our Lord. I look forward to another season of Lent with the Parkway