From the Children’s Ministry . . .

Very soon Parkway Parents will receive a survey about possible outings for the winter and spring. Omicron numbers will hopefully be on the decline when you read this, and we will be ready to get out and do some things! I have researched some options and need parent guidance as to which activities to put on the schedule.  Here are the options that I found interesting!

Delta Airline Museum: I didn’t know that this existed! The museum is located near the airport and is very reasonable at $10 per person with a group of 10 or more. Children 4 and under are admitted free. We can tour different planes, walk on wings, and see lots of Delta memorabilia. Since there are a good many outdoor exhibits, I thought this might be something to do in early spring, You can google Delta Airline Museum to check out the website.

Fernbank Science Center: This is a pricier outing, but there are a lot of possibilities! General Admission is $20 per adult, children 3-12 $18, the 2-D movie is an additional $6.95 per person. There is an indoor science center that I think the children would love and an outdoor tree walk and dinosaur exhibit. Family memberships start at $130. If we went in the winter to the indoor exhibits and in the spring to the outdoor exhibit, a family membership would save money for a lot a people. With the family membership, you can go anytime you want without paying admission. Please note this is not the Fernbank Natural History Museum.

The Center for Puppetry Arts: The shows for upcoming months are Click Clack Moo in February, The Wizard of Oz in March, and Pete the Cat in April.  All shows are $22 per person and include the make a puppet workshop. We have done this before and it is a well-organized outing. I think the children who have gone really enjoyed it. If we have enough people going, I can usually get one free ticket to bring the cost for everyone down a dollar or two.

Parents Night Out at my house: Fernbank Observatory has online shows that we could stream at my house and have a “space” themed night out for parents. I could do this any time of year.

Since we do not have a youth minister at this time to plan outings for the youth, they have indicated that they would be interested in joining us for a Fernbank trip and the Delta Airline museum. I think both of these would be great family outings!

Please give consideration to these activities and respond to the survey when you receive it so that we can get some fun outings on the calendar! Also, we are going to order T-shirts for the children to wear when we go on outings. I will need sizes for all the children. If the youth would like their own, I will be happy to order those as well!

I look forward to your response!