From the Children’s Ministry….

Thank you to everyone who joined us for lunch and the trip to the Train Museum in October.  It was so nice to see the children out and having so much fun together! Hopefully, that trip will be the beginning of many more outings during this school year. Our next event will be Pastries with the Pastor on Sunday, November 28, at 9:30 a.m. in room 202. This will give the children a chance to get to know Caroline and will give them an overview of the Hanging of the Greens service and their role in it. We will have an Elf Workshop within two weeks of Pastries with the Pastor. This event will be held in our new Playroom at the church.  We will have crafts, food, music, and fun and games together.  Any Youth who would like to help with the Elf Workshop are encouraged to let me know.  I will need lots of hands that night!

It seems that we just finished sending Jim into his retirement and now we must do the same with Angie. Angie has been the driving force of the staff for many years. We all have days that we go to work even though we don’t feel like being there.  No one would ever know when Angie is having one of those days because she always answers the phone and greets visitors with the same cheerful voice. She has had to endure working with staff (including myself) who pushed deadlines to the last minute. Many times, she has kept us in line when we needed a firm hand or shared her wisdom with us when our planning sessions got a little too grand. She does so many things that people never notice. Have you ever wondered who replaces the offering envelopes that children draw on during the service with new ones each week? Or, how the pencils in those seat pockets always stay sharp? The chairs are always in a nice line and hymn books and Bibles are always pushed back in place.  That’s because Angie goes through the sanctuary every week and takes care of those things.  When Angie goes on vacation, she gets all of her work done before she leaves and is always available when we call her for help, even if she is on the beach.  I will miss all of those things, but the thing I will miss the most is having her in the office all the time. She has been my friend, sounding board, and advisor during my time at Parkway.  I love you, Angie! I will miss you terribly, but, I am looking forward to all those beach pictures that will make me jealous that I know you will send me while I’m trying to work! I look forward to “lunch with Angie” instead of “breakfast with Angie” soon! Enjoy your retirement to the fullest! You have earned it!