From the Children’s Ministry….

It seems like we have been in a dark tunnel for a very long time and we can finally see a glimmer of light signaling that we are approaching the end of that tunnel.  While we aren’t quite out of that tunnel, we can begin to plan for all the things we want to do once we are outside.  There are so many activities that I want to do with the children this summer, I am almost afraid to plan.  I don’t want to disappoint the children if Covid restrictions are reinstated because we acted too quickly returning to normal.  Parents will receive information very soon about June activities.

It is also time to plan for the return of normal worship activities. I hope that those who taught Sunday School and those who volunteered in the nursery during worship will prayerfully consider continuing working in those areas.  Now that we have returned to indoor worship, I will send out volunteer opportunities and sign ups.

Happy Father’s Day to all of our Parkway fathers! There will be a special treat for all fathers at the conclusion of the Father’s Day service! I have never seen a church with so many fathers so willing to volunteer with the children’s ministry as we have here at Parkway.  I truly appreciate each and every one of you!

As restrictions lift, please continue to be careful! No one wants to return to normal life more than I do, but, please trust me, you do not want to risk getting this virus! If you haven’t been vaccinated, please consider doing so. As my pulmonologist recently told me, I have faced this beast and I do not want to face it again. I also do not want anyone I know to go through what I went through last summer. For your sake and the sake of those you love, stay safe until the threat of this virus is over!