From the Children’s Ministry…

The hometown newspaper in Hartwell had a tradition years ago of recognizing a “Mother of the Year.” It used to make me feel guilty every year for not nominating my mother. I just did not like it being a competition. One year, I decided to write an anonymous letter to the editor for my mother and all the other mothers who deserved to be recognized.  While going through my mother’s desk, I found a copy of that letter.  Reading it, I realized that I still feel that way about my mother and the truth about the mother she has been is also true about our Parkway mothers.  So, in honor of Mother’s Day, I share that letter with you.

Dear Editor,

         Once again it is time for the Hartwell Sun to recognize a deserving mother as “Mother of the Year.”  It is a wonderful tradition that I hope will continue for many years to come.  However, it bothers me that every year many deserving mothers go unrecognized.  Perhaps it is because their children are like me and are afraid they will not be able to write a letter that will adequately express how precious and priceless their mothers are.  This letter is for my mother and all the ones like her who deserve to share the honor of “Mother of the Year.”

Dear Mom,

         Thank you for all you have taught me.  You taught me the love of family through your love and devotion for your own. You taught me the responsibility of family through your cheerful willingness to prepare meals, do laundry, tend the sick, keep the house clean and manage the household budget. As I grew older you guided me with wisdom through making tough decisions, comforted me when my heart was broken, stood by me when I made mistakes and praised my successes. You gave me the freedom to make my own decisions, but were always available when I needed your help.  You have been my “sounding board” so many times, giving me your honest opinion in a non-judgmental way. You constantly give of yourself and never ask anything in return.

You taught me the importance of being a Christian through your love of Christ and your faithfulness to the church.  You live your faith every single day – not just on Sunday. You took me to church regularly in my youth and stressed the importance of not only attending meetings, but “serving” and participating. You allowed me the space to explore my own beliefs and encouraged me to express those beliefs. You continue to serve the Church today and because of your example, I have found my own ways to serve.

You taught me the love and responsibility of friendship and community through your loyalty to friends and your pride in our community. You always serve where you are asked and give it your best effort. Your friends can trust you to keep their confidences (you don’t even tell me) and if they are sick or experience a loss, you are there with food, ready to help in any way that you can.

Most important of all, you taught me that life is a gift.  Change, pain, joy, birth and death are all a part of life. Money and material things are not what is necessary for happiness. You taught me a value system much more precious: family, faith, love, friendship. You set an example that I hope I will be able to follow someday.

You are so very precious to me. I love you dearly and I thank God every day that He gave me a mother like you. You are truly “Mother of the Year” every year.


Your Daughter

 Happy Mother’s Day to my mother and all the Parkway mothers who truly deserve the title of “Mother of the Year!”